About Us

Meet Willie

Willie is a one-year-old pit bull mix who is an aggressive chewer. You can learn about how I rescued Willie at the Cincinnati SPCA by reading Our Story.

Our Goal

Meet Willie, your dog toy reviewer.
Meet Willie, your dog toy reviewer.

At Tough Toy Pros, we find the dog toys aggressive chewers love most, and evaluate them for toughness and durability. We do this through personal use and by collecting the opinions of other toy reviewers across the internet.

You benefit from our personal assessment of dog toys and my summary of other online reviews. We research for pricing and value, which saves you time, effort and money!

Click on the menu headings at the top of the screen to read reviews on toys in each category. Not all toys reach 5-star status. In fact, most don’t.

Our most recent reviews are listed in the sidebar to the right.

If you are looking to find a quick list of toys that are sure winners, check out “Willie’s 5-Star Reviews” in the box on the right. You will find all the toys that meet our standards to qualify as tough toys for aggressive chewers.

We’ve added a new feature! It will take Tough Toy Pros quite a while to review all the dog toys out there. Why should you have to wait? You shouldn’t! That’s why we added “Best Sites to Visit” to our menu. We feature other sites or pages that also offer reviews on strong dog toys. This is the best way to learn the fastest about the most toys.

It’s all about saving you time and effort!

Our Background

My name is Leah and I have burned through hundreds (hundreds!) of dollars trying to keep Willie busy and my wallet intact by diverting his chewing habit away from my furniture and shoes and toward tough toys that can stand up to his destructive chewing power.

Willie is a bundle of high energy and spends his days in search of new and interesting things that he can destroy immediately. The costlier it is, the better. Wood is like chocolate cake to Willie. Fabrics make wonderful ripping sounds that fill his heart with glee. The feel of the soles of shoes in his mouth seems to remind him of his mother’s love.

Willie holds a special vendetta against squeakers, rivaled only by his driving mission to expose any and all toy stuffing in the world for what it really is – his personal confetti.

Willie is young and rambunctious, and though his chewing seems excessive to someone who has to foot the bill (me), it is natural and healthy. Some chewing behaviors are indicators of deeper issues, such as separation anxiety, that need to be addressed. Helpful information about why your dog may be chewing excessively and how to stop him can be found at In The Dog Zone, along with tips and advice on dog behavior, training, health and more. If you see areas of concern with your dog, I encourage you to speak with your vet.

Our Rating System

Willie and I review dog toys to help parents of aggressive chewers find tough toys that will stand up to the abuse that power chewers dish out to their dog toys.

The eyeglasses paid the price for looking at Willie.

The toys here are rated based on how long they last under Willie’s direct assault. Some lower-rated toys may be perfectly swell for other dogs who don’t chew and destroy toys like Willie does.

But to be considered one of Willie’s top, five-star rated toys, it must, after being subjected to multiple play sessions:

  • not rip, tear, split apart or break into pieces
  • grab and hold Willie’s attention, and
  • be a good value for the price.

The set of stars you see at the top of each toy review is the result of assessing how it held up under this criteria. I also let you know what worked best for us, or not, while using the toy or treat, from both my perspective and Willie’s.

I then give you an objective, well-rounded idea of how the product performed for others. I search the internet and read other buyer reviews of the products on sites with high traffic such as Amazon and Chewy.com. I bring you comments from the highest-rated reviews and from the lowest-rated reviews. I look for common themes as well as individual remarks in order to give you the best idea of how the toy might perform for you and your dog.

Willie and me - he rarely has an empty mouth.
Willie and me. Willie rarely has an empty mouth.

Willie is never shy about sharing his feelings, and I am happy to pass his opinions – and the resultant savings – on to you! Please share your thoughts if you have an opinion about or experience with any of the toys on this site. You are very welcome to get involved by leaving your own reviews and rating the toys you see here. In this way we can all help each other. Also, please let me know if you have a particular toy you want me to review and I will be happy to do so.