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I’ve been wanting a way to tell the world about the lifesaving Boots & Barkley Rawhide Chips, and thankfully now here’s my chance. And it’s your chance to discover a great natural rawhide dog treat. We always keep two big bags of these on hand, one regular flavor and one chicken flavor. Willie chews these every single day, which, as you know if you’ve read our About Us page, means that’s one more thing he’s chewing that aren’t my bed posts.

Willie doing the pibble sprawl with his chew.
Willie doing the pibble sprawl with his chew.


Just chewing my chew.
Just chewing my chew.

Willie devours at least one of these a day. He usually has two or three lying throughout the house in varying states of use. Willie is quite dexterous, and while he’s lying down he can hold these in his paws by himself.

I don’t know if they provide security for him or if he’s addicted to them or what, because he often carries one around with him. He will take them outside, back inside, to bed, to the couch, anywhere and everywhere he goes at home.

We do have to be careful when he works them down to a mushy ball of bleck. He sometimes chokes a little, though he can always clear it himself.

Boots & Barkley’s chews include a single ingredient: beef hide. I know he is getting a safe product. They clean his teeth, and I can truthfully so he does not (often) have bad breath.

We would be lost without these chews. We really would. They keep Willie busy for generally an hour or more a day, and a such a good price, I haven’t found another type or brand of chew that is a better deal.

A daily activity.
A daily activity.

Willie’s Review

Where’s my chew? Have you seen my chew? Oh, wait, here it is, in my mouth. Good, because I need it. I always need it.

Where’s my chew? Have you seen my chew?

Internet Reviews

Influenster:  3.5 out of 5 stars with 20 reviewers.
Target:  3.8 out of 5 stars with 6 reviewers.

Low Reviews

A handful of reviewers said these made their dog sick, and their dogs vomited them back up. A reviewer noted that some of the pieces are small and flimsy.

High Reviews

A few higher reviewers said they use these as a way to keep their dogs occupied during times they tend get rowdy. Some use them daily. One daily user said that they clean her dog’s teeth so well that her vet complimented them three times in one visit.

Overall Impression

Whether to give your dog rawhide or not is an individual choice. It depends on the dog and the person. If you do give your dog rawhide, these Boots & Barkley Rawhide Chips are a great value. Always supervise your dog during use.

Product Specifications

From the product packaging:

  • Promotes plaque and tartar reduction
  • Satisfies your dog’s instinctive urge to chew

Size:  The bag is 32 oz.  It is difficult to know how 32 oz. translates in rawhide chews. I counted the chews and there are about 45 chews of varying shapes and sizes inside each bag. Some may be as small as 3″ inches long and 2″ inches wide, and some are larger at about 7″ inches long and 3″ wide. They are of varying thicknesses as well, with the thickest being approximately 2 centimeters in depth.

Price:  $11.99 at Target

Best Bargain: Target is always the best bet for these. Target is the distributor.

I hope you have found value in this rawhide chips review. If you have any questions or would like to leave a review of your own, please use the comment section below.

What do you think about Boots & Barkley’s rawhide chews?

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