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Dog Guide offers an extremely well thought out and full list of Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers. Here you’ll find a run down on some old familiars, like Kong, in their list of solid rubber toys, which they deem to be the toughest toys available. (And I happen to agree.) Read on to learn about offerings from GoughNuts, Jolly Pets, Ruff Dawg and Mammoth TireBiter.

Dog Guide moves on to describe toys that are not solid rubber, but close, such as Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff toys and the ever popular West Paw toys. Dog Guide likes to list three, four or more toys in each category to give readers a full selection.

Then they show us something really interesting in discs and frisbees, a category not found elsewhere to date. Nice work Dog Guide! I wish I’d thought of it.

Next, they move on to shaky ground by discussing squeaky dog toys for aggressive chewers, though they confess right away that there really is no such thing as an indestructible squeaky dog toy. They salvage the category by offering mostly rubber squeaky toys.

It gets worse! They dare to head into the plush toy arena. They just couldn’t resist, I guess. Though here again they are quick to admit that a plush dog toy that withstands any abuse from an aggressive chewer is the rarest of unicorns. Go there they did, though, and next they follow it up with a category of hard plastic toys, several of which offer treats like ours here.

They end things up with the funnest of all toys, the squeaky tennis balls where you’ll see quite a few familiar names including Kong SqueakAir. All in all, Dog Guide is a good resource for parents of aggressive chewers who are looking for tough dog toys that will last more than five minutes.

Other Offerings

Dog Guide is part of The Fun Times Guide, a network of websites (32 and counting at the time of this writing) that cover a variety of niche topics.

The Dog Guide site also offers information in these categories:

  • New Dog Owner Tips
  • DIY Grooming Tutorials
  • Dog Food Tips
  • Pet Warnings
  • Dog Training Tips
  • Pictures/Videos/Gifts

Dog Guide includes a Fun Dog Store where they sell only items that they personally use and that their dogs actually use. The items include their personal reviews.

Dog Guide is a robust, helpful site that any dog lover can use to discover not only long-lasting dog toys, but also scores of useful, well-written tips and information to make life with our four-legged friends even better.

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