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Tough Toy Pros Review

I really, really wanted this Ethical Pets Beyond Tough Stuffed Crab to work for us as a tough dog toy. We’ve previously reviewed a different variation of the same toy – the Ethical Pets Beyond Tough Stuffed Turtle. The turtle earned a single star from us because it tore apart in less than three minutes of play.

But, I developed a theory. The crab had the potential to be different, I thought. The crab has a smaller body and two extended arm-like claws. I reasoned that the crab could last longer because it has a more interesting shape. Willie would be intrigued, I thought. Plus, it does seem that the extreme stuffed-ness of the toy was a great tactic that could really work to deflect the harm that could be caused by a dog’s teeth. It seems like it would be difficult for a dog to make any type of dent in it to really sink his teeth into.

And Ethical Pets does go on and on in its advertising about how tough these toys are. Beyond tough, they even say. Built to last with aggressive chewers, they say. So perhaps what happened with the turtle was a fluke. Perhaps the crab, with its interesting shape and tough build, would perform better and live up to its “beyond tough” name.

tough stuffed dog toy
Willie gets his nose into this crab.


It didn’t. Crab, turtle, it doesn’t matter. This cloth is easy for Willie to rip open no matter how stuffed it is. As with the turtle, the crab’s seams were seriously built tough. But the fatal error is in the material covering its overstuffed body. It’s too easy to tear apart. It is stuffed so fully that it looks like it could burst at any moment, creating the kind of stuffing cloud Willie dreams about. Though it doesn’t do that, it does split open within three minutes of meeting Willie’s teeth.

It does have a squeaker inside. It’s actually hard to squeak it because the covering is stretched so tight. The toy is good sized and fairly cheap.

Willie’s Review

squeaky dog toy
Willie turns away, explosion accomplished.

Aw, man, it’s awesome when I get the same toy twice! The first one got destroyed so quickly I never really got the chance to explore it’s finer details. Wait, did I say explore? I mean explode. I love getting a second opportunity to explode a toy, especially one that is so easy and full of so much stuffing as these!

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  4.5 out of 5 stars with 3 reviewers.
Chewy:  2.9 out of 5 stars with 22 reviewers.

Low Reviews

Ten seconds, two minutes, 10 minutes, five hours, a day – these are all how long this crab lasted for buyers. Aggressive chewers destroy this immediately. People are disappointed because their hopes were higher after seeing the advertising say it was such a tough toy.

High Reviews

Thirty percent of reviewers on Chewy recommend this toy. For the rare few, it lasts a good long while. This toy lasts longer with smaller dogs or dogs who don’t chew toys as much. Many people are grateful it’s so cheap when they bought it on sale.

Overall Impression

Ethical Pets also sells a Beyond Tough Shark, Turtle, Fish and Star, but we won’t be fooled again. None receive good reviews by aggressive chewers. I feel certain that all of the Beyond Tough family members would be decimated by Willie in under five minutes, every time.

Product Specifications

From the product descriptions online:

  • Built to last with bigger dogs and aggressive chewers
  • Tough ballistic nylon binding keeps edges from fraying
  • Quilted felt, multiple layers of fabric, overstuffed core

Sizes:  One size. 10.5 inches x 1 inches x 9 inches

Prices:  $3.22 on both Amazon and Chewy.

Best Bargain:  Buy rubber toys instead.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be useful. If you have any questions or would like to leave a review of your own on this product, please use the comment section below.

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