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It’s a rainy day here today, which makes it a perfect time to bring out the Ethical Pets Play Strong Virtually Indestructible 6-inch Rubber “Y” (whew!) toy. This toy certainly looks and feels like a top-of-the-line, tough dog toy. It’s a good two inches thick and made of heavy durable rubber. It looks like it could handle being run over by a car, no problem. With three arms to hold onto and chew, it’s an ideal toy for any dog to enjoy during a long gnawing session.

Willie gets into this toy with treats inside.
Willie gets into this toy with treats inside.

In order to hold Willie’s interest, this toy MUST be filled with treats.

Without treats inside, this thing is just a weird door stop. I like to put small treats covered with peanut butter inside the arms. It’s particularly difficult for him to get to a small treat that is wedged way down in the center, and it holds his interest for quite awhile trying to get to every piece. When he finally gets it all out, I can just load it right back up again and set him to it for another round.

One of the reviewers said they used canned cheddar cheese inside this toy. That’s an interesting idea, and Willie would probably appreciate the taste difference. It would work well with the way this toy is made.

The holes at the end are wide enough to get a knife inside, but the slot narrows as it deepens so it wouldn’t go all the way down. There is ample room to insert small treats. You might have to split larger treats into pieces.

It is strangely heavy, which is fine for a brute like Willie, but if you have a smaller dog they might have difficulty maneuvering this toy. Watch your toes!

It floats, which may be a bonus for some of you with water-loving dogs. It isn’t flavored and has no odor. If they flavored it or infused it with scent, Willie would be more interested in gnawing on it.

It will be necessary for you to read the internet reviews below as well, because Willie treats this toy differently than some other dogs. Some dogs chew it to pieces. Strangely, Willie will chew this a bit, but he mostly only tries to get to the treats inside. Based on our necessary criteria to earn five stars at Tough Toy Pros, it fills the bill for us.

Willie’s Review

This thing. Oh, this thing. My tongue hurts. I mean, yeah, I get to taste peanut butter and there’s yummy treats in it, too. But it takes foreverrrrr, and I mean like 20 minutes foreverrrrr, to get it all out and then sometimes it still seems like there’s some left.

I wish I could just walk away. I should just walk away! But, I can’t. I have to keep trying. I can still smell some peanut butter way down deep.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  3.8 out of 5 stars with 74 reviewers.
Chewy:  4.6 out of 5 stars with 9 reviewers.

Low Reviews

This toy is given one star by 26% of reviewers. Reviewers reported that their dogs had bitten off pieces or chunks of this toy within five minutes, ten minutes, 30 minutes, or a few days. A few people said it was too heavy for their dogs. Breeds mentioned in lower reviews were:  pit mix, poodle, American bulldog, boxer, a 96 lb. lab and a 33 lb. Brittany.

High Reviews

This toy is given five stars by 57% of reviewers. Many of the higher reviewers said that their dogs are aggressive or strong chewers. It was enough of them to convince me that it is a durable toy. Tough, springy, chewy and amazing are some of the adjectives used to describe this toy. One avid reviewer on Amazon said his dog is “like a cross between an alligator and a chainsaw and he loves this thing.” Types of dogs who enjoyed this toy are:  Boston terrier, golden retriever, labrador, bulldog, German shepherd, mastiff, rottweiler, and boxer.

Overall Impression

This works well as a chew toy and a treat toy. It is typically priced low, making it a great bet for aggressive chewers. Supervise use to ensure your dog doesn’t swallow any pieces.

Product Specifications

From online product descriptions:

  • Heavyweight toys for tough chewers made from a unique rubber/TPR formulation
  • TPR fuses together elements of plastic and rubber for added durability and bounce
  • Hollow center ideal for treats, peanut butter, etc.
  • Great for playing fetch, and they float.
  • 100% lifetime guarantee (see manufacturer’s website for details)

Size:  Labeled as 6″, the dimensions are listed as:  7.5 inches x 8.75 inches x 1.88 inches

Current Pricing:  $11.07 on Amazon; $7.69 on Chewy; $9.69 on Pet Mountain; $11.07 at Walmart

Best Bargain:  Chewy gives a great deal on this. Even though the current price is a little high on Amazon, I got mine there for $8.24 during a price drop.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Ethical Pets Play Strong Toy. If you want to leave your own review or have any questions, please comment below.


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