Knight Pet Banana Dog Review – A Little Snoozer

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This little guy has been with us for four months now, hanging in, going strong. The Knight Pet Banana Dog Toy doesn’t get much action though, because honestly, he’s a little boring. He’s good as a tough squeaky toy, but he doesn’t do anything else. Since he doesn’t have seams to nibble and rip or squeakers to dig out, he’s not a good attention getter for Willie.

Willie is pretty gentle with Banana Dog. He’s made thinly enough that I’m sure Willie could puncture him quite easily if he wanted. But Willie doesn’t seem to want to. It seems that Banana Dog, with his baleful eyes and long face, has worked his way into Willie’s heart after all this time.

Banana Dog lives amongst the regularly used toys, and every so often, Willie will grab him and run through the house squeaking him in his mouth. He likes to throw Banana Dog in the air, and in my lap, and we can even play a little tug with Banana Dog. He does have his uses.

But after a minute or two, Willie’s on to something else. I thought Banana Dog would be a bigger than he is when I ordered him for a few bucks. I did not pay attention to his dimensions,  listed as 4″ x 7″ x 3″. Banana Dog is just as adorable in person as he looks in the picture.

Banana Dog is tough for being so little, and he’s reliable, I will give him that. And once you start saying it, it becomes a heck of a lot of fun to say “Banana Dog” as often as you can naturally work it into daily conversation, which is a lot more times than you would think.

Willie’s Review

Aww, Banana Dog . . . he squeaks but I don’t wanna pop him, so I take him to mom and ask her to hold him, because I want to pull his cute head off. But she never lets me. Banana Dog’s alright in my book. I mean, he’s no Kong Squeezz Ball, but I don’t want to see anything bad happen to the little feller.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  4.1 out of 5 stars with 67 reviewers.

Low Reviews

When dogs tear this toy apart, they do it in five minutes. Low reviews said the material it is made from is too thin, and that the squeaker broke quickly or merely wheezes.

High Reviews

Cute, cute, cute, say high reviewers of Banana Dog, 66% of which gave it a five-star ranking. It is chewy and durable, with some owners of aggressive chewers giving it praise. Some dogs play tug with it together and others treat it gently. Often it is the people themselves who enjoy Banana Dog, regardless of their dog’s preferences. Small dogs and puppies really get along with Banana Dog.

Overall Impression

Banana Dogs are fun to have around. If you have a dog, you will have to share.

Product Specifications

From Amazon’s online product description:

  • Brightly colored
  • Durable – made from natural latex

Size:  7 inches x 3 inches x 4 inches, 1.6 ounces

Price:  $4.99

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Do you have Banana Dog? Or do you enjoy saying Banana Dog?

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