Kong Beaver Dog Toy Review – Not All Kongs Are Equal

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If you have a small dog that needs a pillow, this Kong® Beaver dog toy could do the trick. No, wait, it’s stuffingless . . . back to the drawing board where I’m still trying to find a use for this thing labeled a durable dog toy but performing as anything but.

Hidden inner tabs mean nothing when you haven't got a face.
Extra squeakers don’t mean a thing when you haven’t got a face.

I thought if it said Kong, that meant it would be strong. But, apparently not all Kongs are created equal. Willie tore this beaver’s face off in the first 18 seconds. It had a pouch with a squeaker inside. He tore that apart in the following two seconds. He didn’t even bother to shred the rest of the carcass.

This was a lesson for me in trusting a brand name and how product descriptions are written.

I have seen descriptions of Kong toys say that a toy isn’t for heavy chewers. Look at the description of the Kong Cozie Tupper the Lamb. It says “not for chew sessions.” This beaver needs that added to its description post haste.

That really is the problem here. Had I been forewarned, I probably wouldn’t have purchased the product. I am giving you fair warning now. This toy is not for chew sessions. It’s possible that it’s not even for dogs. It has no extra linings, no reinforced stitching, no extra efforts to last.

In fact, Kong seems to be giving up right off the bat, because it comes with replacement squeakers. (Which, by the way, is the only reason it earned a half of a star here.) The instructions say you can pull apart hidden inner tabs to access a pouch that contains the squeaker. When your pet punctures the squeaker, you are supposed to be able to access this pouch and replace it with a new squeaker.

For us, the hidden inner tabs became one with the gaping hole that was its face. You can’t put a squeaker inside a rag, which is what this toy turned into almost immediately. And right after that, Willie lost interest completely.

On top of that, the large size of this toy is not very large. Almost half of the 15 inches the beaver claims in length is taken up by its tail, which, if I had let Willie continue on his merry way, would be severed and floating in the toilet for his amusement.

It was a disappointment coming from Kong. And I have learned to be much more wary of product descriptions.

Willie’s Review

What? What happened? Did something happen? I didn’t see anything. What happened?

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  3.6 out of 5 stars with 1,504 reviewers.
Chewy:  4 out of 5 stars with 149 reviewers.
Pet Mountain:  4 out of 5 stars with 11 reviewers.

Low Reviews

The majority of the complaints are due to its size. It is much smaller than anyone expects. Whether you get the small or the large, fully half of the toy’s size is made up of its tail. Which means the body on the small toy is about 3.5 inches long – very small indeed if you were expecting a 7 inch toy. Ditto for the 15 inch large toy. It is also very easily destroyed by larger, heavy chewers.

High Reviews

Mini dachshunds, yorkies, chihuahuas, a min pin and quite a few cats enjoyed the small size version of this toy a lot. For many, it is a favorite toy. People like that it has no stuffing and they can replace the squeakers.

Overall Impression

Those with small, gentle dogs might enjoy this toy if they have a full understanding of how small it is before they buy it.

Product Specifications

From online product descriptions:

  • No messy stuffing
  • Removable squeaker for easy washing
  • Quality non-toxic materials
  • Includes 4 free replacement squeakers

Sizes:  Small, 6.5 inches x 7 inches x 2 inches. It is 7 inches long, including the tail.
Large, 4.5 inches x 15 inches x 2.5 inches. It is 15 inches long, including the tail.

Prices:  $5.35 on Amazon and Chewy. $7.32 on PetMountain. $5.99 at PetSmart

Best Bargain:  If you absolutely must have it, it is cheapest at Amazon and Chewy.

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