Kong Wild Knots Bear Review – It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Tough Toy Pros Review

Kong® is a perennial favorite when it comes to looking for tough dog toys for power chewers. So it’s not too surprising that one of the longest-lasting toys Willie has ever let survive comes from Kong.

The bear has a soft, cuddly outside. Because it is not a fully stuffed toy, you can feel the knotted rope that is inside. I think this made it feel interesting to Willie.

It was a full 11 days before Willie chewed all the way into this Kong Bear, when he usually chews toys apart in minutes. Willie restrained himself and only chewed its little ears off, one by one, the first and second day he had it. He must have really loved its sweet face, because he didn’t chew it off until day 12 while typically, faces are ripped off almost immediately.

Eventually, even the toughest toys are laid to rest.
Ears chewed off, stuffing seeping from its head – this Kong Bear still has lots of love to give.

This Kong Bear has only a little stuffing, making it super easy to clean up once it is torn apart. Its arms, legs and body is filled mainly with thick, twisted rope, making this toy good for tug-of-war before, after and during its destruction.

At the spot where the bear’s heart would be, a cleverly placed squeaker is still going strong even 12 days later. This is most impressive considering Willie’s personal vendetta against squeakers.

This picture was taken 11 days after Willie first got his paws on the bear. He might have been saying good-bye during this nap, because the next day he finally chewed its face off completely.

Yet even faceless, it is still a useful toy. That’s what makes this toy so great. It is multi-purposeful AND tough. It still squeaks. Its arms and legs are still holding together, and with the rope inside, the bear can still be used to play tug. There is definitely a lot of life in this little bear, even if it doesn’t make the 5-star list of tough toys.

Kong also makes a Wild Knots Flamingo, Eagle, Toucan, and Cardinal.

Willie’s Review

I felt kind of warm and fuzzy toward this bear, so I ate it slowly, savoring each ear. I dragged it through the house. We were pals. I napped with it quite a bit, and I let it keep its face a while so it wouldn’t creep me out at night. Until the day I could take it no longer. It was too soft, too warm, too tempting. I just had to know what was inside. There could have been candy in there, or treats, or bones.

There wasn’t. One of these days . . .

Now I am mad at it and like to grab and shake it in my mouth. I hand it to mom so she can hold it while I try to pull its arms and legs off. It is tough inside though, which makes me pull harder and harder. Ugh, this toy has gone from sweet to sweat in two weeks.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  4 stars with 1,162 raters
Chewy.com:  4.1 stars with 132 raters
Pet Circle:  4 stars with 24 raters

Low Reviews

Half and hour. Two minutes. An hour. A day. Ten minutes. These are all examples of the time it took for dogs to destroy this bear. A chief complaint is that it is easy to rip the head off, as well as shred the body. For some, the back ripped apart first. Others were unhappy with the rope inside, saying it didn’t last as long as they expected. Rottweilers, Great Danes, Jack Russell terriers, pit bull mixes, and bulldogs are the types of dogs who destroyed this bear quickly.

High Reviews

It turns out Willie isn’t the only one who enjoys sleeping with this bear, as several reviewers mention their dogs doing the same. The multi-functionality is a big part of this toy’s high rankings, with many high reviews discussing how, even after parts of the toy were destroyed, the parts that remained, such as the arms and legs, were still very useful. High raters mention its tough durability, with many saying that their dogs love to play tug-of-war with it. Labs, golden retrievers, a 200 lb. ovcharka, Siberian huskies, Australian shepherds, Westies, beagles, boxers, mini schnauzers and pomeranians are all types of dogs who enjoy this toy. It has lasted many buyers several months. Others say that their dogs love this toy so much that they continue to buy it again and again.

 Overall Impression

It appears that whether you like or hate this toy will depend greatly on if you find it useful after it is ripped and/or torn. It seems that across the board, it will tear and/or lose body parts. The most satisfied customers still find uses for it afterward, with their dogs still playing with it as a tug toy or otherwise.

Product Specifications

From online product descriptions:

  • Internal knotted rope skeleton
  • Minimal stuffing
  • Soft and durable
  • Squeaking plush toy
  • Colors: Tan, Brown or Gray
  • Suitable for medium and large breeds

Sizes:  The  is available in four sizes:  XS/S, S/M, M/L, and XL. The M/L dimensions are 8 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches.

Prices:  They generally cost between $5 and $20 each, most often closer to the $5 range, making them a great buy for the price.

Best Bargain:  M/L Kong Wild Knots Bears for $7.61 on Amazon and Chewy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or would like to leave your own review, please do so in the comments below.

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