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Oh, how I wanted to give the Kong Pet Stix dog toy five stars! It has a lot of great qualities we commonly look for in a fun dog toy, and it is made by Kong to boot. But, alas, it is not five-star material. Literally. It is made of nylon.

Willie holds his Kong Stix toy and thinks about making a break for it.
Willie holds his Kong Stix toy and thinks about making a break for it.

For the longest time, I thought this toy was rubber because that’s what it looks like in its picture online. But it is not. It is made of nylon and stuffed so tightly that it feels like it could explode any second.

Which is sort of what happened. Later, though. The first picture here is of Willie when he first got the Kong Pet Stix toy. And the second picture was taken eight days later in nearly the same exact spot.

The toy stick has all sorts of handles to fling it by and it is super lightweight. You can really get some distance tossing this toy. The width and length of the large size is a perfect fit for Willie’s mouth. And all those extra handles are great for me to grip as we play tug. There are enough of them that I could fairly consistently find a dry one to hold.

It does not have a squeaker, which is why it survived eight days. Ours is camouflage, and they also come in just brown and just green.

We left it outside where it got rained on and dried out in the hot sun. It could last as a toss toy indefinitely. And it did tolerate about five sessions of tug before a seam began to slightly tear. It was only about ten minutes later that its stuffed insides became unstuffed outsides.

Willie’s Review

Yippee! This stick made the cleanest ripping sound I’ve heard in a long time. Just riiiiiip, and whaddya know, I was piling in and pulling out the stuffing. Finally! Because I tried to rips its seams with my teeny tiny front teeth, much the same way I massacred my Tugga Wubba. But, no dice. The seams on this baby are super tight and nearly impossible to get my teeth into.

And of course, Willie never gave up.
And of course, Willie never gives up.

So I just pulled and tugged, pulled and tugged, and ripped the sucker apart that way. Shoot, you didn’t think I would give up, did you?

Read Internet Review and Product Specification below to learn more and find the best deal online.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  2.8 out of 5 stars with 1,166 reviewers.
Chewy:  3.3 out of 5 stars with 37 reviewers.
Pet Mountain:  2.7 out of 5 stars with 3 reviewers.

Low Reviews

From the looks of it, our toy stick lasted longer than most. A lot of dogs ripped into this toy immediately or within minutes of chewing it. There is the typical disappointment in the Kong brand name when a toy by them does not withstand chewing. Others who were like me didn’t read all the finer details and also assumed it was rubber.

High Reviews

It can still be chewed on even after holes are ripped into it. Buyers who use this to play fetch note that because it is soft and lightweight, it is safe and easy for their dog to catch midair. For the same reasons, it is a safe toy to use in the house as well. It lasted some users months, and others weeks.

Overall Impression

If you are looking for a fun new toy to play fetch with, try the Kong Pet Stix. But definitely keep away from chewers.

Product Specifications

From online product descriptions:

  • Perfect for interactive games of fetch and tug
  • Made with high-grade durable nylon and minimal stuffing
  • Machine washable
  • Made to last through endless games of fetch and tug

Sizes:  Small:  8.5 inches long
Medium:  10.5 inches long
Large:  14.25 inches long

Prices:  Small:  $4.04 on Amazon and Chewy
Medium:  $5.53 on Amazon and Chewy; $5.78 on Pet Mountain
Large:  $5.95 on Amazon and Chewy; $5.94 on Pet Mountain

Best Bargain:  Amazon and Chewy give you the best prices and are consistent with one another, which is typical for them.

Thanks for reading this review of the Kong Pet Stix dog toy. I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or would like to leave a review of your own, please use the comment section below. And feel free to give this toy a star rating too!

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2 thoughts on “Kong Pet Stix Review – A Nice Fling

  1. Very specific review of a product, I can definitely decide after reading this whether or not I would want to buy it. I glean from this site that any potential dog could find information that would help them in purchasing a great dog toy, even if they aren’t prone to chewing.

    1. Leah Presser says:

      And treats! We have reviews on treats as well because many tough dog toys use treats to entice play. Thanks for stopping by Lauren!

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