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Labrador Training HQ is a nifty site that offers a page on what we do best here titled Ten Best Toughest Durable Chew Toys for Heavy Chewers. (They’ve snagged all the best keywords in that bunch!)

That title is actually misleading because what they provide is much more than that. Much, much more. And “more” becomes a theme throughout the entire website as they write long and thoroughly on every aspect of every topic they address, which is every dog topic available, it would seem.

On the subject of tough dog toy, they provide a whole primer on safety, toys to avoid, and materials toys are made from. This is all wonderful information that everyone should read. The table of contents looks like this:

  • 1 First Things First: Safety is Key
    • 1.1 How to Best Provide Toys With Your Dog’s Safety In Mind
    • 1.2 Indestructible? Don’t Count On It
  • 2 Toys to Avoid For a Heavy Chewer
    • 2.1 Avoid Plush and Stuffed Toys
    • 2.2 Vinyl and Latex Don’t Make the Grade Either
  • 3 So What Should Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers Be Made Of?
    • 3.1 The Top Pick is Hard Rubber Chew Toys
    • 3.2 Strong, Fibrous Rope Style Toys
  • 4 Quality Costs But is The Best Choice
  • 5 Our Pick of 10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers
    • 5.1 The Original – And Still The Best – Tough Dog Toys From Kong
    • 5.2 The Best Indestructible Dog Balls For Strong Chewers
  • 6 Conclusion

And, of course, the site focuses on Labrador Retrievers. But if you know Labs like we know Labs, you know Labs are pretty much in every dog’s DNA who doesn’t have papers proving otherwise. Labs are popular dogs for a reason. For many reasons, actually , not the least of which is that they are tolerant, kind and patient dogs who are great with kids.

As you can see in their table of contents, Labrador Training HQ does eventually get down to recommending specific dog toys. I’m not going to spoil it for you here, though. You’ll just have to pop on over and have a look for yourself.

The Rest of the Site

With a table of contents like that for one single topic, you have to know Labrador Training HQ is a full and robust site that not only offers everything you might want to know about Labs, but also most things you want to know about all dogs in general.

They provide information on training, health and care, and puppies. They have an entire section on Recommended Products & Supplies with reviews on everything from priobiotics to dog houses. Like I said: it is a full and robust site if ever there was one.

For topics that “don’t deserve and epic 2,500-word guide,” they offer guidance under a section called “Infobites.” In it they “provide many interesting facts and answer little niggling questions in shorter, bite-sized articles. Comprehensive and useful, just straight to the point and easily digested in a 3-minute read.”

Just in case you thought they’ve left anything out, they didn’t. The site is made and maintained by some serious dog lovers and we can seriously respect that!

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