Mavel Orange Bear Squeaky Dog Toy Review – Orange You Glad You Didn’t Buy It?

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I had to be sure to review the Mavel Orange Bear as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t forget what few details I discovered about it in the three minutes it survived with us. Which wouldn’t be an upsetting thing if the advertisement on Amazon didn’t explicitly say BEST FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS. Sure, it’s best for aggressive chewers – in the same way alcohol is best for Charlie Sheen. Willie was quick, brutal and to the point with it.

I’ve had sneezing fits last longer than this thing.

Squeaky dog toy
It all started innocently enough.

It’s made out of material thick enough that I naively hoped it stood a small chance. (It didn’t.) Its interior is 100% cotton and its exterior is polyester. The outside material has different textures in different areas, some soft, some ridged, that a dog might find interesting if he stopped pulling it to shreds long enough to notice. (Willie didn’t.)

A knotted rope runs through its body and hangs out the bottom. It could be a good tug toy if it lasted long enough. (It didn’t.) It does have a squeaker, but to be honest, I didn’t even realize it until I was taking out what little stuffing remained in its head after Willie tore it to pieces. I was attempting to see if it was salvageable for some yet-to-be-determined usefulness. (It wasn’t.)

I suppose you could throw this toy around and find some enjoyment in it. It’s got a really nice, round shape that’s easy to toss. It is easy for both you and your dog to hold on to. And if it can’t stand up to tough chewers, that’s fine; it still has a lot of other great qualities. It’s lightweight, safe to play with in the house, and with its different textures and flappy pieces, very interesting to our beloved pets.

But it is NOT for aggressive chewers, and I take issue with the fact that it is advertised as such. At first I thought perhaps it was Amazon’s fault for the false advertisement, so I went to Mavel’s website to check it out. Loud and clear on Mavel’s website they specifically state that the orange bear is “designed for aggressive chewers” and is “best for aggressive chewers.” Can you believe they go so far as to aver that it is “better than kong toys”? I mean, can you?

Willie’s Review

I have no idea what mom’s problem is. This thing was great! It flipped and flapped so much that I just couldn’t control myself at all. I tore right into it straight away. This bear never stood a chance. I had so much fun in a big hurry.

But it was over before it even really began.
But it was over before it even really began.

Oh, and it had a whole bunch of that wonderful, fluffy white stuff that gets stuck on my tongue. That stuff is so cool – I like to drag it out and spread it around everywhere. If I could cover all the floors with it, I would. Think how soft that would be! It would be great! And, if the floor was covered in fluffy white filling forever, we’d have no more of that bossy vacuum cleaner around here. I think I’ve really hit on a good idea here.

But as for this orange bear, it was over so fast, it’s almost like it never happened at all.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  2.6 out of 5 starts with 439 reviewers.

I always include reviews from several websites, but I could only find the Mavel Orange Bear was on Amazon. Even when you click the “Get It Now” button on Mavel’s website, it takes you to Amazon to complete the purchase.

Low Reviews

26% of reviewers give this two or fewer stars. Dogs tore this apart in moments, one minute, five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, one hour, three hours, and one day. People, like me, were upset that it was advertised as being a durable toy for aggressive chewers but it does not perform as one.

High Reviews

68% of reviewers give this four or more stars. That is more than I anticipated. But it is often the owners of gentler dogs who praise this toy. It is larger than many people expect. Several dogs and one enthusiastic rabbit love this bear toy. People like that it is multi-purposeful, acting as a tug, toss and squeaky toy all in one. People also applaud the different textures and crinkly flaps. The squeaker isn’t annoying. It is soft and visually appealing.

Overall Impression

This toy seem to do really well with non-chewers. It does not stand up to aggressive or even moderate chewing.

Product Specifications

From Amazon and Mavel’s websites:

  • Perfect for tugging, tossing and chewing
  • Designed for aggressive chewers, also suitable for teething puppies
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Strong, well constructed, perfect for determined chewers

Size: 5 inches x 8.5 inches

Price:  $5.95

Best Bargain:  If your dog chews his toys, buy something other than this toy.

Thanks for visiting and reading our review. I hope it was helpful as you search for dog toys that can take a lot of chewing. If you have any questions or would like to leave a review of your own, please use the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Mavel Orange Bear Squeaky Dog Toy Review – Orange You Glad You Didn’t Buy It?

  1. Haha, this’s hilarious, enough to brighten up my day. 😉 Certainly a laughable stock from Amazon and Mavel. I think they just copy and paste the quote “Designed for aggressive chewers” from somewhere, without really test the product out. Yes, Leah, I agree with you on the potential buyer of this dog toy who might own a gentler dog or even non-chewer. Nevertheless, your review definitely help me to filter out this product reasonably in my search of my doggie’s dog toy. Thanks, Leah.

    1. Leah Presser says:

      You’re welcome, Kiev! As far as durable dog toys go, this one was not it. If they just would market it correctly, I wouldn’t take it with it. Thanks for stopping by, Kiev!

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