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Count on Willie, our loveable aggressive chewer, to find a way to destroy anything. The PetLou Squeeze Me Reliable Friends Gekko (they mispelled it, not me, rest assured I will not continue to do so) boasts two layers of fabric and rip resistant webbing for extra edge protection. So what does Willie do? He heads for the center and guts it that way.

squeaky dog toy PetLou
Reinforced edges? No problem. Willie goes straight for the center.

PetLou Reliable Friends family includes other creatures such as a zebra, leopard, deer, tiger and, for some odd reason, a number of frogs. Our gecko is soft, yet the material feels thick and strong. I thought it stood a good chance at lasting a little while. It did not have little pieces such as ears that are tempting to chew off and choke on.

The gecko is really quite large and the squeakers are nice and loud. But I can assure you they are not “puncture proof” as claimed and they do not “always keep on squeaking.” Not by a long shot.

Two weeks after getting the gecko, it has finally found its way to the trash can. Admittedly, Willie did have a great time tearing it apart, as he always does. And to be fair, the edging is still completely intact. Its edges are as tough as they claim, and two of its four extremities still have their squeakers inside, so it has withstood the abuse in these ways.

destroyed dog toyBut as a durable dog toy for tough chewers, it fails Willie’s test.

It was under $10, as most of Willie’s toys are, so we are not too set back by it. However, this leaves us still in search of that elusive plush dog toy that withstands the tough abuse of aggressive chewing.

The gecko would be an excellent choice for a milder chewer. It does have two layers of fabric and those multi-stitched edges, and it gets two stars from Willie for that. Also, it gets a little bump in the rating for leaving very little mess after its demise, unlike most toys of its kind.

Willie’s Review

The squeakers inside this thing were HUGE! Two of them, like little water bottles. What joy! I tossed them around like crazy.

Somebody said something about edging, but what matters about that? This thing has a soft center just begging to be chewed. I obliged. I am a good dog like that.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  3.0 out of 5 stars with 20 reviewers.

Low Reviews

Reviews say this is not for aggressive chewers. It is quite easily torn apart, often within a matter of minutes.

High Reviews

Fully 50% of people on Amazon give this toy a 5-star ranking. These are the people who have nice, little doggies who wear bows in their hair and tinkle on puppy pads. They are not people who have thunder beasts like Willie.

Overall Impression

You already know what I’m going to say. Don’t get it if your dog likes to chew his toys.

Product Specifications

From online production descriptions:

  • Two layers of fabric for extra toughness.
  • Rip resistant webbing for edge protection.
  • Puncture-proof multi squeakers always keep on squeaking.
  • Chainlock stitching for maximum durability.
  • No stuffing to mess around.
  • Floats in water for pool activity.

Size: 13 inches

Prices:  $6.99 at Amazon. At PetLou’s website, you have to create an account and log in to see the price.

Best Bargain:  Well, really, buy something else if you have an aggressive chewer. But if you really want this toy, it’s not at a lot of places. Just get it at Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or would like to leave a review, please comment below.

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2 thoughts on “PetLou Squeeze Me Reliable Friends Review – Not so Reliable

  1. Kurt Schuster says:

    Agreed!!!my GSP had it tore open in less than three minutes!!!terrible product

    1. Leah Presser says:

      It’s so surprising sometimes how fast these supposedly “tough” toys get destroyed! Thanks for stopping by Kurt!

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