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The website offers some great toy options in their article Five of the Toughest & Strongest Toys Your Dog Won’t Be Able to Destroy for discovering new toys that can take the abuse from your aggressive chewer. It only lists five toys, but I like that most of them are different than what I’ve seen elsewhere. They are good toys that have all the characteristics of the kind of toys that can take a beating, such as strong rubber construction and the name Kong.

Pets Lady brings horses and African lions into the discussion. Who would want to miss out on wild creatures like those?

I plan to get a few of these toys and evaluate them personally. Stay tuned!

The Rest of the Site

Pets Lady calls itself “The Fun Site for Animal Lovers” and is a rounded and diverse website with a lot of information about cats and dogs including:

  • Animal News
  • Animal Stories
  • Animal Videos
  • Animal Art

The site offers a section of “Top Tens and other Bests” that showcases fun and interesting articles like “20 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Cats.”


The website has lots of other information as well. Their About Us page says: is one of the most popular websites for dog, cat and other animal lovers.  We focus on providing the latest news and  fun and interesting stories about pets and other animals. We also provide helpful information and unbiased reviews and recommendations on the products and services you need for your pets. also discovers and highlights cool, fun, funny and unique gift ideas for animal lovers.

We have team of several experienced bloggers writing for our site.  Many of us met each other writing for – The Most Popular Invention Website in the World and decided to work together to focus on building a really fun and helpful site for pet owners and others who love animals.

Tough Toy Pros recommends that you check out for the tough toy suggestions and stay for all the latest news and fun stuff!

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