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Prairie Dog Antlers come in all sort of interesting shapes and sizes and make a really great long-lasting dog chew.

Prairie Dog Moose Antler
Extra Large Prairie Dog Moose Antler

Willie’s enjoyed the extra-large Prairie Dog Moose antler shown in this photo. The wonderful clerk at Pet Valu Pet Store explained to me that Willie would enjoy most gnawing away at the white marrow of the antler. He told me that once Willie worked through all the marrow, the darker remaining bone could always be soaked in beef broth to entice Wille to keep chewing.

Willie chewed his moose antler for an hour and a half straight the first time I gave it to him. I’d say from the looks of the wear on it afterward, this antler is going to last him up to ten hours or more of chewing before I have to soak the bone in beef broth.

Antlers are an excellent, natural choice for a dog chew. They rarely split, splinter or chip. Antlers even have nutritional value. They contain minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. Elk, moose and deer grow new antlers every year, making them a naturally sustainable product that doesn’t harm the animals when harvesting. When you buy any type of antler, you want to look for the antlers that have the most whitish marrow because that is what dogs enjoy the most.

Willie daydreams while chewing his moose antler.


It can always be risky when giving dogs natural animal parts to chew. I once gave Willie a pig hoof that had us living in a tent in the backyard for a week, that’s how bad it smelled. Gratefully, the antler does not smell or leave any sort of mess whatsoever. Not only is it strong, durable, and loved by Willie, it is also furniture friendly.

Prairie Dog also sells deer and elk antlers. Their antlers are naturally shed and harvested right here in the USA. The company Prairie Dog Pet Products is based out of Texas and also sells jerky, biscuits and bully sticks.

Willie’s Review

This tastes wild and soooo interesting. I lick and chew, lick and chew. It has so many interesting smells and flavors. I start daydreaming that I am a wild, wild Willie from out West, running on the ranch and breaking the hearts of little lady pit bulls everywhere I go. Because I can’t stay, I got to go, I’m Willie the Wanderer, on the trail again.

No, seriously, this thing is awesome. It gets kind of mushy but mostly not and I just can’t quit until my jaws are so sore I can’t even lick one more time.

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  3.6 out of 5 stars with 853 reviewers.
Chewy:  4 out of 5 stars with 27 reviewers.

Low Reviews

Many online purchasers are disappointed in the size of the product they received, claiming the advertising as “giant” is not at all correct. The product people received did not look anything at all like the product pictured when they purchased the antler.  People are disappointed in both its length and width.

High Reviews

Twenty out of 27 reviewers on Chewy recommend Prairie Dog moose antlers. Great for strong chewers. It doesn’t break, splinter, smell or make a mess. Many people remark on how much their dogs love chewing these antlers. People are happy that they are giving their dog a product that is safe, natural and healthy to chew. It cleans dogs’s teeth as well. Among the breeds that enjoy Prairie Dog moose antlers are: Husky, beagle, golden retriever, greyhound, pit bull (but we knew that), catahoula mix, boxer, great dane, mini schnauzer, corgi and doberman.

Overall Impression

These are a great healthy and safe alternative to rawhide, and dogs really love to chew them! They last a long, long time compared to bones and rawhide.

Product Specifications

From online product descriptions:

  • 100% natural
  • Helps clean teeth
  • Odor free
  • Does not stain furniture or carpet
  • No dyes or preservatives


Large:  Dogs up to 30 lbs.
Extra-Large:  Dogs 30 – 60 lbs.
Jumbo:  Dogs 45 lbs. and up



Chewy and Amazon: $7.95, Paws Plus: $20.00, Pet Solutions $10.99


Chewy and Amazon: $17.76, Pet Valu $22.99, Pet Solutions $15.99


Chewy and Amazon: $14.03

Best Bargain

Based on some of the reviews online, you are best getting antler products of any type at a local store in person where you can evaluate the length, width and amount of marrow for yourself. Many people were upset at the size and/or quality of the products they received when they ordered online. For this reason, I would not put too much weight on the wildly varied prices from different online stores. If you must order online, Amazon and Chewy are your best bets.

I hope you found this review of Prairie Dog Moose Antlers to be valuable and informative. If you want to leave a review of the product or have any questions, please use the comment section below.

What do you think of these moose antlers?

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4 thoughts on “Prairie Dog Antlers Review – Wild West Willie

  1. These look great for dogs, as there are a lot of advantages for the dog and the owner, which looks like a win win situation.

    I wasn’t even aware that antlers could be pet food for dogs but your dog and quite a few other breeds do love them.

    Where I am in Australia, I think aussie dogs would be jealous of US dogs once they realise what they are missing out on as I believe they just have meat based chewys here or lamb bones.

    I’m not a dog owner, but if I could get them here then I would feed them these.

    1. Leah Presser says:

      Now I am feeling very sorry for Australian pups! Thanks for visiting Adrian.

  2. Wow.. It never crossed my mind that antlers could be a good chewing toy.

    Probably, it is because I have never seen one here in Indonesia. Every time I visit a pet shop, they suggest some man made chewing toys.

    I think I have to order this online and bring it to Indonesia. But I have to check Customs regulations. After all, this is an animal part.

    1. Leah Presser says:

      I hope it works for you. Or you might ask a pet shop owner there if they are aware of similar antlers. Good luck and thanks for stopping by. Let me know how it goes!

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