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PuppyWire is a dog-loving website that, like Tough Toy Pros, really does its research so you don’t have to. Except rather than just toys, PuppyWire offers seriously thorough buying guides and helpful, well-researched information on these important categories:

  • Fun
  • Grooming
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Travel

Because, as PuppyWire’s About Us page says:

“We want to help dog owners make confident buying decisions for their dogs.”

We strive to accomplish that by producing buying guides, product reviews, and other high quality information for you.

PuppyWire was started in 2013 as a hobby to help dog owners avoid buying “bad” products that waste money. Since that time we have helped over 950,000 dog owners through our articles and guides.

Head on over to PuppyWire now to save money and keep your fur baby safe and healthy.

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