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If the Skinneeez Stuffingless Fox actually had stuffing, it would be the absolute best stuffed dog toy on the market, hands down. We’ve had several of these floppy, fun creatures, and they are hard to beat for value. Willie and Sage know how to get every last penny’s worth of play out of every toy they meet, so it means a lot when I say that.

pit bull toys
Sage tugging the toy under the bed where Willie is too big to follow.

From the moment I lifted this little fox out of the box, Willie and Sage were primed for the hunt. If Willie or Sage had an actual shred of wildness in them, they would have burst into primitive howls at the first hint of its brown fur. But, as spoiled as these two are, their instincts for hunting generally drive them only as far as the kitchen cabinet where the treats are kept.

Nevertheless, Willie and Sage took after this Skinneeez Stuffingless Fox as if they were savage wolves and it was the only prey around for miles. My two sweet pit bulls enjoyed many play sessions crashing through the house chasing each other with this lifeless fox drooping from their jaws.

They tugged and tossed this fox for days on end, and it stood up to the abuse admirably. It was their favorite toy for about a week straight. I paid $6.89 for it, which equates to tons of fun and exercise for my pitties for less than a dollar a day.

Sage is crafty while Willie relies on speed and strength. (He is a gentle giant, though.) Sage would often spirit the little fox away to her secret lair under the bed only to have Willie snag it from her the next time she brought it out.

At 24 inches, this fox is long, and since it has no stuffing, it is also quite floppy. Those two factors come together to make it the best toy ever for Willie to naturally shake from side to side in his mouth to try to tear it apart. The floppy fox turned into a slobbery rag Willie and Sage fought and played over and likely still do in their dreams.

Ever since Sage came aboard with us, toys, clothing, and furniture pieces are apt to vanish into thin air. Like so many other lost souls in our house, I am uncertain of the fox’s final fate.  Occasionally, I’ll find a batch of missing items hidden in a corner under a bed, or a stash of nearly unrecognizable, chewed things behind the couch. But the remains of the fox, if there are any, have yet to turn up.

dog tug toy
Willie worries Sage will steal the Skinneeez fox.

Ethical Pet makes a whole forest full of stuffingless animals to choose from. Raccoons, squirrels, pigs, skunks, and so on are available. They make stuffingless toys that squeak and others that crinkle. We’ve bought several, including a crinkly cow and floppy raccoon. They all can be destroyed, of course, but they all provide amazing value priced usually between $4 and $7.

What Willie and Sage Said


No, mine!

It’s mine!

Give it to me. It’s mine!

Ha! Got it! You’ll never get …


Online Reviews

Amazon:  4.3 out of 5 stars with 702 reviews
Chewy:  4.3 out of 5 stars with 117 reviews
Pet Mountain:  4.3 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews

Negative Reviews

There’s nothing to see here. Any negative issues that arose are to be expected. It can be torn. It’s stitching will loosen and it will eventually rip. And it’s squeakers won’t last.

Positive Reviews

Many reviewers say this fox became their dog’s favorite toy. No surprise there, either! That’s what happened with us. Dogs are big fans of the way it flops and dangles. When it does rip, people are grateful it has no stuffing they have to clean up or that their dogs might eat. Also, it does well in the washer and dryer so it could last quite a long while as one of your dog’s favorites.

Overall Impression

4.3 out of 5 stars is just about the best way to describe this fox. It’s not perfect. Of course it can be destroyed. But many pets love it so gosh darned much that they don’t tear it up. Even if they do, it is priced so fairly that it provides plenty of value for the time that it lasts.

Product Specifications

From online product descriptions:

  • Stuffing free dog toy
  • Your dog can enjoy long lasting play while flip-flopping the stuffing free skinneeez
  • No stuffing means endless amount of fun!
  • Squeaker inside for additional fun
  • Machine washable


13-14 inches
23-24 inches

(listings vary in sizes)


For the 23-24 inch toy:

Amazon and Chewy:  $6.80
Pet Mountain:  $5.99
Drs. Foster and Smith:  $6.99

Best Value:

Pet Mountain has a good price, but your order must be at least $75 to get free shipping. Otherwise, stick with the standard Amazon or Chewy.

Thank you so much for reading our dog toy review. I hope it has been helpful to you. Does your dog enjoy the Skinneeez Stuffingless Fox toy? Please tell us about it in the comment section below.

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