Top 4 Toughest Rubber Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Perhaps the most important feature in a strong, long-lasting dog toy is the material it is made with. Certainly, the strength of a stuffed toy’s seams make a big difference, and double, triple, even quadruple stitching can help keep our furry friend’s sharp teeth from ripping a toy to shreds in a matter of seconds.

A key feature in many of Tough Toy Pro’s top-rated, 5-star dog toys is that they are made with rubber. In fact, very few toys that aren’t made with rubber make it to five-star status here. So far, we have a few things like chews, antlers and horns that make the 5-star list. Mammoth Flossy Chews Tug is a super strong rope toy we still love. And as far as plastic goes, we rave over the Pet Safe Busy Buddy Jack dog toy that lasts and lasts and lasts.

But by and large, rubber is it. Rubber is tops, the king, the A-1 best, most toughest material to use to create the strongest dog toys. Below is a listing of the top four rubber dog toys that we deem are the best bets for the aggressive chewer in your life. Kong, not surprisingly, makes the list three times with their super-fun, super-long-lasting Squeezz line of rubber toys.

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4.  Ethical Pets Play Strong Virtually Indestructible Rubber “Y”

Play Strong Y toy

At the end of an impossibly long name for a dog toy, you’ll find the whole thing is just the letter “Y.” Even with it’s stupid-long name, this ” Y” is a fabulous toy and we still use it to this day. I’ve found I must put treats, usually peanut butter, inside this toy in order for Willie to be interested in it. And other pet owners report that their dogs are able to chew off chunks of this toy. But for us, this “Y” is one of the best rubber dog toys we’ve found and makes our 5-star list, too.

3.  Kong Squeezz Jels Pig

durable Kong dog toy pig

It squeaks, it bounces and it lasts forever. What more could anyone ask in a dog toy? Kong also makes a hippo, beaver and koala to bounce around in the Squeezz Jel’s family with this pig. We love, love, love this toy and how crazily it bounces all over the place . There’s no predicting which way it’ll bounce off to next, and it really keeps Willie guessing. He loves the exercise and I do, too. The pig and its kinfolk are super handy to keep in the car or in the backyard because they are small enough that they don’t clutter up the space. Take one with you and you’ll guarantee your dog will be the most popular pet at the park.


2.  Kong Squeezz StickScreenshot 2016-08-13 at 10.32.07 AM

A stick by any other name just wouldn’t be the same. Kong’s Squeezz brand is the best. This stick is
lightweight and stands up like aces to being thrown, chewed, twisted and tugged. Reviews across the internet show that it is a huge hit with dogs who love to fetch and those who love things that squeak. This stick is hollow inside and can float, too, making it a fun summertime option to take to a lake or anywhere there’s water. We’ve had this toy for a year now, and it’s still hanging in there. It was really hard to choose between this and the number one toy on this list. But since this Kong Stick and the number one toy can both be found for under $10 each, you don’t have to choose which is best. Just get both!

1. Kong Squeezz Ball

We like to keep things simple here at Tough Toy Pros. I guess that’s why our top two rubber toys are
called “stick” and “ball.” You just don’t get any more basic than that. And what the heck, why would you want to? Sticks and balls have been dogs’ best toys for hundreds – is it hundreds? – of years, or for however long dogs have been near round things and sticks. There’s no need to try to improve upon perfection.kong ball
And perfection is just about what the Kong Squeezz Ball is. For just a few dollars, you and your dog can have hours and hours of fun with this super-tough, bouncy, squeaky ball. It is easy to take everywhere, so be sure to keep one on hand at all times if your dog is high energy like Willie.

I hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 4 Toughest Rubber Dog Toys. Thank you for reading. Keep coming back for our latest reviews and newest lists and stay informed of the best toys for your aggressive chewer!

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