Wild Eats Bully Horn Review – We’re Tooting This Horn All Over the Place

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The Bully Horn from Wild Eats is quite possibly the world’s longest-lasting dog treat, the Holy Grail of dog treats, the ideal treat for Willie and for your dog, too.

We picked up the Bully Horn at PetValu, the same place we got our Prairie Dog moose antler. The Bully Horn has many of the same great qualities as the antler. It is all natural, eco-friendly, healthy and safe for the loves in our lives. You can give it to your dog without worry for dangerous splintering or choking.

Best Dog Treat
Willie daydreams about buffaloes as he gnaws his Bully Horn.

Most importantly, dogs LOVE these! At least, Willie does, and the Bully Horn was recommended to us by a friend whose dog loves them, and it’s not hard to imagine that almost every dog with a nose for what’s good for them will love them, too.

Speaking of noses, Bully Horns do not smell offensive like some animal parts. (Hooves – never again!) They don’t smell at all, and they do not make a mess, either. I do notice very small black flakes in the area where Willie chews the horn. But in terms of dog messes, this is negligible. Barely noticeable. Why am I even talking abou it?

I want to give genuine props to Wild Eats for truth in advertising. The first photo above is a screenshot of a Bully Horn from their website. Compare that with the picture below, which is our Bully Horn as it looked when I bought it at the store. You’ll see they could practically be the same horn, that’s how much they look alike. Maybe I don’t get out of the house enough, but I found that to be pretty darn amazing!

long-lasting dog chew
Willie’s Wild Eats Bully Horn just home from the store.

I love Bully Horns so much that I haven’t even gotten around yet to the best thing about them:  They last for-freaking-EVER, for real. Willie has had one for a month now. He chews on it probably for about 30 – 45 minutes at a time, at least five days a week. He’s managed to gnaw away maybe one-third of it. Plenty of horn left for the days ahead.

Willie’s Review

Mom says my Bully Horn doesn’t smell, but her nose is disturbingly inferior and inefficient. (She should be embarrassed about her inferior nose, but I don’t think she even realizes!) This horn thing has all kinds of keen and interesting scents, and the more I chew on it, the more faraway scents I discover. I come back to it time and time again, and it’s always there for me. This thing is the never-ending horn!

Internet Reviews

Amazon:  4 out of 5 stars with 135 reviewers.

(There are other bully horns made by other manufacturers, but I wanted to keep this review specific to Wild Eats.)

Low Reviews

Almost a quarter of the reviewers on Amazon give these two or fewer stars. People have received horns that are hollow-ish and do not compare to what they bought in a store. They say the hollow horns are thinner, will splinter and crack, and are inferior products. In rare instances, people say they experienced medical issues such as bleeding gums, a broken jaw and anal tears in their pets after use. Several people said their horns smelled bad.

High Reviews

Sixty-two percent of reviewers on Amazon give these Bully Horns four or more stars. People say the horns have lasted years – YEARS – in their home with multiple aggressive chewers relentlessly chewing on them. Others say they last months, which is still significant. As I suspected, a lot of dogs really love these. People often buy more than one so multiple dogs don’t fight over them. Even high reviewers mention that there can be a slight smell while dogs are chewing these and they are wet. (Perhaps Willie is right about my olfactory deficiencies.)

Overall Impression

There is a potential discrepancy between the product you receive when you order from Amazon versus the one you get when you buy in person at a store. I am going to contact Wild Eats to see if they can shed light on this.

Product Specifications

From the product label and online description:

  • 100% natural water buffalo, free range and grass fed
  • High in protein and low in fat
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Long lasting chew

Sizes:  Sizes are approximate. There is a size for every dog.
Small:  2 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch
Medium:  2 inches x 6 inches x 1 inch
Large:  4 inches x 8 inches x 2 inches

Prices:  A large Bully Horn on Wild Eats’ website is priced at $16.99, a medium is $12.99 and a small is $7.99. But you could wind up paying around $7 to include shipping.

On Amazon, the prices are:  $14.99 for a large, $11.78 for medium, and $8.99 for a small, and they are a Prime product.

Best Bargain:  If you are a Prime member at Amazon, you can buy Bully Horns there. If you buy enough horns or other products from Wild Eats directly, you can make the shipping cost worthwhile. However, after reading reviews, I think it is best to buy them in person at a store such as PetValu where you can select a horn that is the proper size and of a guaranteed thickness to get the best quality product.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found our review of Wild Eats Bully Horns useful. If you would like to leave your own review or have any questions, please use the comment section below.

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