Willie’s Best Christmas EVER

Another Power Chewer in the House

Willie received the best Christmas present ever two weeks ago when this beautiful, sweet, little girl, Sage, came to live forever in our home.

Welcome Sage!

All About Sage

Sage comes to our family courtesy of the Campbell County Animal Shelter. She was living with a young man whose girlfriend was not a huge fan of Sage. The man intended to come back for Sage, and so we had to wait three days before we could go back to the shelter and pick her up. While it is certainly a happy story when dogs and their people reunite, we waited nervously the whole time, hoping Sage would become ours.

Finally, we got the call and could pick her up. She’d had surgery the previous day to be spayed and to remove a pair of underwear from her digestive tract. This was our kind of dog. We could tell.

Sage is a lazy, little dog who loves to snuggle, sleep late, and pounce on unsuspecting toys. She is an extremely powerful chewer with a fondness for chew toys, socks and pajamas. Sage is also sweet and loving. If she sees a open spot next to you, she loves to wiggle right in and get as close as she can.

Willie and Sage

Sage is now almost six months old and sports a sarcastic, feisty temperament. That’s a good thing because she needs some attitude in order to keep up with and tolerate Willie. He is madly in love with her. Willie has desperately

Willie is still learning to share.

wanted a little brother or sister for as long as we’ve known him. Though Sage is half Willie’s size, they play together like champs.

They love to play tug with sock, ropes, and shreds of toys. They wrestle and snarl with each other in such a happy, playful way. You cannot wipe the smile off Willie’s face these days.

Willie is still learning how to share. He is a full year older than Sage, but her presence has turned him into a hyper six-month-old again. It’s endearing and exhausting.

We look forward to many great years ahead with Sage and Willie. Now we have twice the chewing power to help us review dog toys.

Goodnight, Willie. Goodnight, Sage.
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